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March 03, 2010

Photographs taken along Route 40


Route 40 sign post
Route 40 highway signpost. These signs bear the name of each province the highway goes through. In this case, San Juan.
Copyright © 2008 Austin Whittall

This post shows some of the phothographs that I have taken over the years while driving along Route 40.


sign route 40
Another signpost, this time in the province of Catamarca, close to Londres.
Copyright © 2008 Austin Whittall

tunnel Route 40
Tunnel close to Route 40 near Jachal, in San Juan.
Copyright © 2008 Austin Whittall

Patagonian steppe
Route 40 - between Rio Mayo (Chubut) and Perito Moreno (Santa Cruz), a storm at dawn over the Patagonian steppe.
Copyright © 2007 Austin Whittall

miranda, saints
Route 40 - two small "chapels" by the side of the road at Cuesta de Miranda (Miranda's slope), La Rioja. The road here is narrow and has plenty of cliff-hanging curves. It reaches a maximum altitude of 2,020 m (6,622 ft.).
Copyright © 2007 Austin Whittall

kolla women La Quiaca
Route 40 - Two Kolla women - the one that is bending over is carrying a child on her back. La Quiaca right beside the Argentine-Bolivian border.
Copyright © 2007Austin Whittall

goats route 40 Cachi
Route 40 - from Cafayate to Cachi in Salta. Goats and keeper block the road. Notice how narrow it is.
Copyright © 2007 Austin Whittall

Epuyen Chubut
Route 40 - in Chubut 42° South. Close to Epuyén, Patagonia, looking along the Epuyén River valley.
Copyright © 2007 Austin Whittall

altitude at La Quiaca
Route 40 - at la Quiaca. Altitude is 3,445 m (11,295 ft.).
Copyright © 2006 Austin Whittall

guanaco in Chubut
Route 40 - Guanaco by the side of the road close to Tecka, Chubut, Patagonia.
Copyright © 2007 Austin Whittall Copyright © 2010 by A. Whittall