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March 04, 2010

Links to Salta official tourism websites


Salta, one of Argentina's northernmost provinces is part of the country's "Región Norte" (Northern Region).

Route 40 crosses the high western part of the Province, along beautiful valleys and high altitude mountain passes set in an imposing mountainous region with several peaks over 6,000 m (18,000 ft.) tall.

Here we include links to Salta's official government tourism websites (both provincial and municipal). Once again only one is in English (and French and Italian), the others are all in Spanish. There is plenty to do in Argentina to improve our online communications (this blog is an effort in that direction:

Salta, Provincial tourism website

Salta, Provincial Tourism website. Also in English, Français, Italiano.

Salta Tourism

The Province of Salta's Official Information website.
With plenty of information on many subjects, including the tourist attractions of its Municipalities.


Websites of Salta's Municipalities. Tourism.


Cafayate. Tourism website.

San Antonio de los Cobres no shield

San Antonio de los Cobres. Tourism website.

Cachi Tourism web

Cachi. Not operational.

Another "official" site Cachi. Information Copyright © 2010 by A. Whittall


Santa Cruz province. Official Tourism websites


Today I will post the links to the official provincial and municipal websites of the province of Santa Cruz in Patagonia.

These are the towns that are on or close to Route 40. As you can see, they are few, and none of them are in English except the Government site, which has some very basic information about the province (lower right side of the site, marked with a UK flag).

Tourism Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz - Tourism website.

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz - Government website.

Santa Cruz municipal websites. Tourism.

Los Antiguos

El Chalten

El Chalten
Site not operational

El Calafate

El Calafate (Santa Cruz).

Rio Turbio

Río Turbio (Santa Cruz).
Under construction

Rio Gallegos

Río Gallegos (Santa Cruz). Copyright © 2010 by A. Whittall